Comfort Christmas a novel by Kimberly Fish


Celebrate the holidays with a sweet, wholesome, and heartwarming story that will have you sighing in satisfaction.
Warmth. Love. And a new beginning.
Having lost her spunk after miscarriages, Kali Hamilton is desperate to find her mojo again. As a successful entrepreneur, she knows her happy place is in creating gourmet foods. If only she could find the energy to pursue that passion instead of the exhaustion of running her home and business, managing her three-year-old, and keeping up with the expectations of her nosy community. Kali’s network of friends in Comfort, Texas, bring her all the support she could want, but it’s not enough. Even her husband, Jake, can’t reach her anymore. And to be honest, she can’t reach him, either. With Christmas approaching, the happiest time of the year feels more like a bust.

Kali’s craving something she doesn’t know, and the only way to satisfy that weird longing–and maybe reset herself–is to go out on a limb. Will a risk be enough? Can a secret be kept in a town that thrives on knowing everyone’s movements? Can she sleep at night, if she doesn’t at least try?

Christmas might be about love, tinsel, and carols for some people, but this year, for Kali Hamilton, it’s all about discovery. She just hopes her marriage can survive the process.