Blue Moon Gardens and Comfort Songs

Mary and Sharon built a destination garden center in the sweet spot of a country road in East Texas. I was one of their earliest customers 20 years ago, and have returned year after year to soak up the herb and perennial plants they specialize in at their shop. I stopped by there a few weeks ago to deliver complimentary copies of the novel, Comfort Songs, to them because–as I revealed–their garden center was the inspiration for AJ Worthington’s Lavender Hill in the novel. Well, one thing led to another, and they hosted me this weekend at their Fall Flowers Events and numerous gardeners bought copies of the novel.

Isn’t it funny, an innocent roadside stop all those years ago led to some serious inspiration for this author.

I’m sure you’ve been places that force you to pause, hold your breath, and imprint a memory because the location affects you so. Well, Blue Moon Gardens, in Edom, Texas, did that for me, and still does. I’m attaching some photos so you can peek into a place that represents the dreams, goals, and talents of two East Texas gardeners. I just hope the novel is authentic to the experience.