Writers and World Influence

August 18th. 2021

As I mourn the apparent setback for a country emerging from domination by terrorists, I’m reminded in several corners, the influence writers have to create controversy, introduce radical ideas, and offer hope. Writers in this age have used their pen to change world views—some for the better. These feel like desperate days with earthquakes, floods, pandemics, governments falling, and egos run amok, but it helps to take a few deep breaths and realize our earth has endured worse.

As a believer in Christ, and hope for an afterlife with God in heaven, I see the selfishness, arrogance, pridefulness, and violence raging today as more evidence of how dearly we need faith in our hearts. Humans can’t handle big tasks well. Since the beginning of recorded time–and let’s thank a writer for keeping the documentation going–we have stumbled at almost every juncture, ruining good and noble ideals set before us. And yet, the sun still rises, babies are born, and harvests yield nurishment.

That’s not to say there haven’t been strides in human development, civilization, medicine, arts, education, and society–there have been, and I’m grateful to live in the age where personal freedom is more widely available than ever before. But I have to ask . . . can we turn the camera lens off ourselves for a while? Quiet the talking heads. Urge writers to go where people really live, beyond the satellites signals and the advertisers’ agenda, and reconnect with humanity, nature, and faith. That’s where we find what’s worth writing about . . . that where we’ll discover the truth that is worth sharing. Maybe, that’s where peace lives.

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  1. Michael McFadden says:

    Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 (KJ2000)
    I found you through the Lone Star Literary group as a reference. I’m a new writer working on my first book an historic novel in the period of 1750’s America… and looking for a dev. editor. Have you used LSLL for dev editing? What can you say about them?

    My wife is an avid reader and I pointed her to your ebooks. She started one today. The first in the Comfort series. Do you ever collaborate with others? I have a follow-up book in the works that takes place in Texas based in the Brazos River area (near me). I have done the research and have a good story in mind. Its the next generation to the people in my current manuscript.

    I like your post above. I’m happy to find you are a believer encouraging others to have hope in Christ in this fallen world. I have toyed with writing some booklets for new believers but yet to finish one. One of the interesting ideas is the concept of faith. Having faith in God is something we can not have in our physical bodies–in the weakness of the flesh (by our senses), yet Christians experience God through the Holy Spirit who builds on our tiny mustard seed of faith. I learned in my studies that it takes more than faith…it takes trust. You must trust in God’s word enough to allow it to change who you are. We must trust in the word of God and live it daily so as to be the living gospel message for others.

    If you have time and an interest I can share more about my next project.

    Temple, Texas

  2. admin says:

    Michael, thanks for reaching out. I always enjoy meeting fellow writers on this publishing journey. Yes, I whole heartedly endorse LSLL though my experience has been with hiring their editors for fiction and proof reading. I strongly encourage you to find some like-minded writers to share in a critique group as having fellow authors bounce ideas and text is an invaluable resource. I’m sure there are many writers groups in your area–particularly in a larger market like Waco. Due to my day job, I don’t have as much time for collaboration efforts as I used to enjoy, but I share your desire to share God’s work with others. All the best as you carry on! Thank you for referring your wife to my novels. I hope she finds them worth her time.

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