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February 5th. 2009

Why choose Kimberly Fish as a speaker for your next event? Well, she’s entertaining and knows her content. Plus she’s pleasant to deal with, cooperative, and almost always, on time. You have so many choices when it comes to planning a meeting, Kimberly will entertain and inform your audience and make you look smart for having chosen an engaging speaker to present a topical message to your group.

Topics on which she has knowledge and is comfortable speaking about include:

Feet on the Street—Knowing Your Local Story
Planning for the Future—Creating the Place You’d Want To Live
Writing History Into Fiction
WWII Nostalgia and Why it Moves Us
Army Medicine: War, Chaos, and Innovation in WWII
Life in the Army: Heroes at the Dinner Table
The Big Inch Pipeline, an American Federal Project that Changed World History
The Art of Human Connections: How Vintage Letters Have Defined Us
Writers Need Friends Too
Creating Intentional Friendships
How to Write a Novel
How to Organize Materials for Writers
How to Create an Audio Book

She also offers writing workshops, enjoys being a guest on podcasts, and loves to meet with readers at book clubs.

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