5 Star Reviews and Cookies

May 28th. 2021

Rainy days mean cookie baking at our house. It’s a tradition that even the neighbor kids relied upon. The days of hosting impromptu cookie parties are history for this empty-nester, but even better than a gooey oatmeal cookie is another 5-star review for my most recent novel, Comfort Foods. Cooking, baking, and shopping for food are such an intrinsic part of my DNA (my need to explore grocery stores, even while traveling, is the the stuff of therapy for my children,) it was a natural leap from mooning over a photos of food on social media, to mixing up all the elements and writing a novel about comfort foods. The difference is subtle in the title because the very real town of Comfort, Texas, is the setting for three of my women’s fiction stories. This one is unabashedly about food. And love. But mostly, food.

To receive 5-star reviews, particularly from Reader’s Favorite, is a that dash of fresh basil on a tomato bisque–perfection. I’m so excited to hear from folks who’ve enjoyed these stories, and having lovely reviews is like jet fuel for new readers. Thank you to those hard-working reviewers out there who get a tall pile of books to read every month. Grateful authors everywhere, salute you.

Yay for Comfort Foods!

Days in Comfort

May 13th. 2021

Due to the delight of my son’s upcoming wedding to a girl from Boerne, Texas, we were able to stretch several days of wanderings, musings, and refreshments into a research trip to Comfort. Though I write fictional stories set there, the town of Comfort, Texas is quite real. They’d be miffed if you thought otherwise. Visiting the library, some of the shops that sell my books (and show up in the stories,) and meeting new friends all rolled into one long week that refreshed my senses.

The house we rented for the week had an endless view of the valley between two hills and the far distant lights of Boerne, Texas. Deer, cats, and chickens roamed the few acres and our perch from weathered rocking chairs was an ideal seat on the comings and goings. We visited nature centers in Boerne and Kerrville, spent a delicious few hour or so on the porch of the Dodging Duck, and celebrated becoming co-in-laws with the fiancee’s parents at Peggy’s on the Green. Of the many shops I popped in and out of, Bechant’s on Main Street in Boerne was a jewel box (like a mini-Neiman-Marcus.)

I’ll attach a few photos here, so you can see why I’m inspired by the Texas Hill Country, and hope to roll out a new novel (the 4th in the series!) set in Comfort.

At a flower farm in Blanco.
with Mary Anne at the Comfort Public Library
Can we call this supper?
Home away from home.