Blue Moon Gardens and Comfort Songs

October 20th. 2019

Mary and Sharon built a destination garden center in the sweet spot of a country road in East Texas. I was one of their earliest customers 20 years ago, and have returned year after year to soak up the herb and perennial plants they specialize in at their shop. I stopped by there a few weeks ago to deliver complimentary copies of the novel, Comfort Songs, to them because–as I revealed–their garden center was the inspiration for AJ Worthington’s Lavender Hill in the novel. Well, one thing led to another, and they hosted me this weekend at their Fall Flowers Events and numerous gardeners bought copies of the novel.

Isn’t it funny, an innocent roadside stop all those years ago led to some serious inspiration for this author.

I’m sure you’ve been places that force you to pause, hold your breath, and imprint a memory because the location affects you so. Well, Blue Moon Gardens, in Edom, Texas, did that for me, and still does. I’m attaching some photos so you can peek into a place that represents the dreams, goals, and talents of two East Texas gardeners. I just hope the novel is authentic to the experience.


Bonus Special for Comfort Songs–EXCLUSIVE to Newsletter Subscribers

October 7th. 2019

It’s been a week since it’s debut, and already I’m hearing from readers about how much they enjoyed Comfort Songs! This author’s heart is overflowing with humility and joy. As a reward for those faithful subscribers to my newsletter (the folks who’ve been with me from The Big Inch to now, and hopefully will stay with me through the novels to come) I’m going to write a special second epilogue exclusive for Comfort Songs and deliver it to those who subscribe. A bonus, just for being faithful.

Are you excited? I am too. I’m at work on what I hope will be a fun and sweet surprise and one that will make you glad you camped out here at I know you have so many emails, blogs, memes, IG, and Pinterest boards calling for your attention, and I’m grateful you haven’t unsubscribed here.

As the Christmas season gets into full swing, I’ll email out to the subscribers the download link for the exclusive epilogue, and hope you’ll enjoy the reading gift. Thanks, friends. I value your support, your reviews, your book posts, your IG posts, and most especially, your book purchases.

A fun photo just because.

October 3rd. 2019

A friend sent this photo from the KETK interview today, and it was so sweet I wanted to save it for its thoughtfulness—and I thought my hair looked really good.

Talking about Comfort Songs in the week it first debuted in the world!

Comfort Songs makes a TV debut!

October 3rd. 2019

I had the great pleasure of being on the KETK Morning Show today talking about the new novel, Comfort Songs. Though I stumble through, we had a great conversation about the inspiration and background for the story. Hope this loads so you can watch.





Blow out the candles, it’s a birthday for Comfort Songs!

October 2nd. 2019

We’ve been celebrating the book birthday of Comfort Songs, my 4th novel. It’s a surreal thing to write a book, see it published, and hold it before it’s released into the world of readers. Thanks to the wonder of technology, it’s getting easier to experience, too. I took the leap into publishing 4 years ago, and nothing I do gives as much pleasure as novel writing. Sharing it with readers around the world is dream come true part. Meeting people who want to talk about the characters, the setting, the plot, the history, well . . . it’s my favorite thing.

I’m not to the stage of my career where all I do is plot, write, edit, and market my books, but I’m getting closer to that stage with every year. I still have commitments, volunteerism, and board work that occupy a lot of my energy, creativity, and calendar, but today is all about celebrating¬†Comfort Songs.

This story was born in my imagination years ago. I can still remember where I was when the seeds sprouted and I wondered about the backstory to one or two of my favorite singers. It was that curiosity, that sadness I felt when I watched their celebrity dip and wane, that led me to the characters of July Sands and Roger Worthington. I didn’t plant the particular story of Comfort Songs (the working title had been, Lavender Hill) and watch it grow until I discovered lavender farms around Blanco, Texas. There’s something about the fragrance of wild lavender that got under my skin and fostered my own fantasy about owning a lavender farm. Since my attempts at growing lavender in my back yard were tepid at best, I started writing about it instead.

My husband and I opened the first box of books and lovingly opened each one to make sure they were printed correctly and then we stacked them to count them out. I worried I’d not ordered enough to satisfy the local requests, and slipped back to my computer later to put in another order. Comfort Songs is debuting at a few local events and even part of a library event this month, and I’m always thrilled when folks stop me and ask to buy a signed copy.

I hope you’ll help me toast the new book, and honor the crazy imagination, strange work ethic, and deliberate practice that goes into writing, editing, and publishing a novel. It’s a day for cake!