A Video Explanation of the Big Inch Pipeline and How a War Was Won

March 15th. 2017

Huge Thanks to the Pine Tree HS Video Production Class for This Book Trailer for The Big Inch

March 15th. 2017

Blog tours, newspaper articles, and TV exposure

March 15th. 2017

The winds of March have whipped me around in the most delightful way. Kind of like dancing on air. As this is my first time to enjoy this sort of attention, I’m looking both ways and around trying not to miss a moment of meeting readers, supplying books, and retweeting awesome reviews. It’s a grateful heart that is soaking in all this goodness, and praying I don’t suffer too long from withdrawals in between book events.

KETK and The Big Inch

March 7th. 2017

Is there anything more gratifying than talking to someone curious about the subject matter to which you’ve unwittingly become an expert? Maybe, but for me today that goal was met during an interview with a local TV reporter who knew nothing about The Big Inch pipeline and respectfully admitted it. He was curious, and that’s a quality we see too little in our instantaneous, socially-connected world. There’s value in our history, and if we don’t bring it forward, we lost it.

Not sure if this will post, but I’ll try to link the new story for you here:


Vulnerability isn’t easy, but it’s good

March 1st. 2017

I had the opportunity to speak to Zonta Int’l members in Longview about the journey I’ve taken (a bit twisty, and not without it’s sudden drop-offs) and how grit and hope are the antidotes to digging one’s self into a hole when all obvious purpose and plans seem gone. I’d never articulated that message out loud and it was a liberating experience to talk about the lengths women (ok, me) will go to and the crap we willing to endure to further an intrinsic need to make a community better. For me, the end result was creating the novel, The Big Inch. But as with all writers, this is not really the end. It’s the beginning.