Midnight Post-Its

October 19th. 2016

Many people have their best ideas come to them at night, in a dream, or as a result of some problem that just won’t let them sleep. For me, inevitably, a midnight wake-up is my subconscious reminding me that I’ve made an error. Like, say, writing a cliffhanger into a chapter and then realizing that the item involved wasn’t invented in the time period the chapter is set. This is a particular nuisance because I alway think I’ll remember to correct the error in the morning. Thank the Good Lord, this time I did. You won’t be seeing a miniscule camera in the Big Inch. Can’t promise other mistakes will be so easily identified.

Taking the Plunge

October 10th. 2016

It’s been my lifelong passion to write compelling novels, you’ve guessed that based on your visit to this site. The reality though has been a rather different story. Passion and imagination are bedrock to the writing process, but equally so is perseverance. I’m on the blog today to tell you that through circumstances that could be their own story, I’ve carried on with story crafting. Within a few short months, I plan to release a historical fiction book that will peel back the curtain on the early days of the nation’s espionage network and a game changing pipeline that is credited with winning World War II.