Love, Charleston

February 13th. 2011

Love, Charleston, a wonderful contemporary novel by Beth Webb Hart, exceeded my expectations (based on the cover blurb.) This is far more than a romantic story, it’s really a poignant glimpse into three marriages (one which is in the making.) ┬áIt was deeply moving in its tender care of a woman going to very depths of a post-partum depression and of yet another who comes to the brink of jeopardizing her marriage. The gentle, Southern hand Ms. Hart uses to craft her story brings on wonderful Charleston seasons and a beloved glimpse into a town she clearly loves. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and will look for another by the gifted Ms. Hart.

A Rather Charming Invitation

February 4th. 2011

Since I first read of Penny Nichols in CA Belmond’s novel, A Rather Lovely Inheritance (totally charming!) it’s been my goal to become CA Belmond when I grow up. I don’t know how to do this, as this writer creates so many levels of entertainment, insight, art and poignancy with a pen saturated in Riviera sunshine, but it’s a goal and I reach for it. For you see, Penny Nichols is living the life I’d want to live if I could be a literary character. Yes, for the price of $15.99 you too can slip into an adventure and be transported to a chateau on the South of France or a pricey apartment in London, via a very elegant and old world styled car. In this third book of Penny Nichol’s adventures across Europe, she is on the eve of planning her wedding to the nearly perfect Jeremy Laidley. A Rather Charming Invitation begins with the arrival of yet another one of Penny’s curious relatives (they dot the continent) and sets into motion a journey that not only becomes an anthropology study on the nature of happily married couples, but also digs deep into the mysteries of communication during the reign of Louis, the Sun King (in this case a tapestry with clues to a treasure.) Penny and Jeremy are remarkably comfortable running among the social set of Cannes and Monte Carlo (yet another enviable trait) and mix it up with some high rolling characters. Plus they have a gorgeous yacht of their own which plays in a big part in their just-in-the-nick-of-time rescue. Maybe you can see why this novel created the perfect armchair reading experience for a snowy day. Please join me in adding this book (really, the author) to a collection of the best written fiction on the market today.