Binge Watching on Rainy Weekends

Let me begin by saying, we needed the rain around here. I know those folks in the Carolinas would gladly share the overdose of rain they’ve received, but until the clouds burst over East Texas, we were looking peaked (that’s Southern-speak for sick, but in this case just means dry, withered, and lost all summer color.) SO, with steady rain, slippery streets, and humidity so thick you could slice it, it made good sense to stay indoors and binge watch some TV shows.

Since my husband is the only who has mastered the smart TV and it’s evil remote, I typically defer to his recommendations. I’m glad I did, because we’ve been indulging in a show that ran on the ScyFy network back in the mid-OO’s, Eureka. I was enjoying most episodes, but toward the end of the last season even I was going “seriously??”–and that’s saying something for a show written about the bizarre antics unleashed scientists might create. So, I’m glad we’ve now moved on to another TV series from the years my kids were in high school and I had no idea what was on main stream television-Chuck. Though only into season two, I’m charmed. I love the camaraderie between the characters –The Best Friend, Morgan, has reduced me to laughter-tears–and I’m rooting for them all to break free of their emotional chains. Although, in full disclosure, I have been known to yell to the TV my own directives for the plot (but that’s because, as a writer, I have strong opinions.)

If you find yourself bound indoors this season, and have opportunity to download TV episodes, give Eureka and Chuck a few minutes of your time. I hope you’ll be hooked, like I was.