A video that feels like it could be part of my novel.

In my searching around YouTube, I found a news feature regarding an entrepreneur and her chocolate business. Watching it was like watching my character, Kali Hamilton, being featured on TV. Granted, the lovely woman in the news segment has never heard of my books nor did this particular story inform my writing, but the similarities are crazy good.

The Comfort Christmas novella due out later this year tees up the story of Kali Hamilton desperate do something creative to reset herself after a miscarriage. Beyond that publication, the first book in the new series I’m writing “Comfort and Joy” expands on the premise and involves the creation of a chocolate shop. It’s not a spoiler to share this video here, because the plot of those stories swirls out beyond the chocolate shop, but still, it’s a leg of the storytelling.

Hope you enjoy this video and it whets your appetite for the second chances ready to spring from Comfort, Texas.