Painful editing

November 29th. 2016

Today is the day I’ve dreamed of, and dreaded. My publisher’s proof copy of The Big Inch arrived yesterday and I’m reading it today much like I might any novel I’d purchased. Except, I know every plot twist in advance. Not only do I see errors that must be corrected, but I also find that what sounded so lyrical in my head translates as wordy and redundant in print. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood up, walked around, shaken out my wrists like I’ve been hogtying, and otherwise looked for a distraction to keep me from reading my book. Thank God there’s still time to fix things before the public gets a good look at these pages. I’m already a little nauseous anticipating what whispered comments I might overhear about my book, but they’d be worse–much worse–without this painful, but most important, step. Since writing this blog qualifies as a distraction, I’d better put this up and get back to what I need to be doing. Editing The Big Inch.

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