Honored by the 5-Star review from Literary Titan for Comfort Foods!!

September 8th. 2021

Hearing praise for story craft is something that goes right to this author’s heart. The words in this review are ones I can savor.

A 5 Star Review of Comfort Plans

September 5th. 2021

It’s wonderful to read a review of a book that is the first in a set, and sometimes overlooked by the new releases. I’m grateful and honored by these words, and hope you’ll be encouraged to take a leap into a set of stories about women discovering their grit and sweet second chances.


Writers and World Influence

August 18th. 2021

As I mourn the apparent setback for a country emerging from domination by terrorists, I’m reminded in several corners, the influence writers have to create controversy, introduce radical ideas, and offer hope. Writers in this age have used their pen to change world views—some for the better. These feel like desperate days with earthquakes, floods, pandemics, governments falling, and egos run amok, but it helps to take a few deep breaths and realize our earth has endured worse.

As a believer in Christ, and hope for an afterlife with God in heaven, I see the selfishness, arrogance, pridefulness, and violence raging today as more evidence of how dearly we need faith in our hearts. Humans can’t handle big tasks well. Since the beginning of recorded time–and let’s thank a writer for keeping the documentation going–we have stumbled at almost every juncture, ruining good and noble ideals set before us. And yet, the sun still rises, babies are born, and harvests yield nurishment.

That’s not to say there haven’t been strides in human development, civilization, medicine, arts, education, and society–there have been, and I’m grateful to live in the age where personal freedom is more widely available than ever before. But I have to ask . . . can we turn the camera lens off ourselves for a while? Quiet the talking heads. Urge writers to go where people really live, beyond the satellites signals and the advertisers’ agenda, and reconnect with humanity, nature, and faith. That’s where we find what’s worth writing about . . . that where we’ll discover the truth that is worth sharing. Maybe, that’s where peace lives.

Wedding Goodness

August 13th. 2021

Last week, my only son married a beautiful woman; full of accomplishments, talents, and a devotion to the Lord that brings me such joy. I’m not sure I could have scripted a more perfect wife for my son, but time will tell. We’re all a little giddy these days.

Weddings are different now, some things more intentional others more elaborate, but if love is at the center, then the rest is just frill. They’d chosen to marry at the Hotel Emma in San Antonio, and that destination was an architectural jewelry box. Having written novels about architects, restorations of decrepit spaces, and the stories that walls tell–I was enchanted by this location. Because of my interest in all things wedding related, I regret that I didn’t linger longer in the library, take the history tour, or explore the old brewery elements utilized as light fixtures and decor throughout. That’s what the next time is for, right?

So many good stories are hidden in the structures we create, and I’m drawn to those elements almost as much as I am by characters. We’ll see how I do with this new novel I’m writing, and hope that Comfort Zone (due out at the holidays) will have the zing of repurposing in all its many twists.

I’m attaching a photo a friend snapped of me in the library at the Hotel Emma. It’s one of those keepsake photos, and maybe it will appear on a novel’s backcover or maybe just my husband’s bedside table, but it was a thoughtful gesture.

Awards Across the Pond

June 23rd. 2021

Comfort Foods, my third women’s fiction set in Comfort, Texas, just won the International Impact Award!! I’m honored and giddy=honiddy. It’s a delight to discover the places my book travels and so humbling that among the thousands of new books coming on to the book each month, one of mine would be selected.

There’s something about a woman discovering her grit, in a small town with memorable characters, that transcends international borders. Grateful to readers who share my love for second chance stories.

5 Star Reviews and Cookies

May 28th. 2021

Rainy days mean cookie baking at our house. It’s a tradition that even the neighbor kids relied upon. The days of hosting impromptu cookie parties are history for this empty-nester, but even better than a gooey oatmeal cookie is another 5-star review for my most recent novel, Comfort Foods. Cooking, baking, and shopping for food are such an intrinsic part of my DNA (my need to explore grocery stores, even while traveling, is the the stuff of therapy for my children,) it was a natural leap from mooning over a photos of food on social media, to mixing up all the elements and writing a novel about comfort foods. The difference is subtle in the title because the very real town of Comfort, Texas, is the setting for three of my women’s fiction stories. This one is unabashedly about food. And love. But mostly, food.

To receive 5-star reviews, particularly from Reader’s Favorite, is a that dash of fresh basil on a tomato bisque–perfection. I’m so excited to hear from folks who’ve enjoyed these stories, and having lovely reviews is like jet fuel for new readers. Thank you to those hard-working reviewers out there who get a tall pile of books to read every month. Grateful authors everywhere, salute you.

Yay for Comfort Foods!

Days in Comfort

May 13th. 2021

Due to the delight of my son’s upcoming wedding to a girl from Boerne, Texas, we were able to stretch several days of wanderings, musings, and refreshments into a research trip to Comfort. Though I write fictional stories set there, the town of Comfort, Texas is quite real. They’d be miffed if you thought otherwise. Visiting the library, some of the shops that sell my books (and show up in the stories,) and meeting new friends all rolled into one long week that refreshed my senses.

The house we rented for the week had an endless view of the valley between two hills and the far distant lights of Boerne, Texas. Deer, cats, and chickens roamed the few acres and our perch from weathered rocking chairs was an ideal seat on the comings and goings. We visited nature centers in Boerne and Kerrville, spent a delicious few hour or so on the porch of the Dodging Duck, and celebrated becoming co-in-laws with the fiancee’s parents at Peggy’s on the Green. Of the many shops I popped in and out of, Bechant’s on Main Street in Boerne was a jewel box (like a mini-Neiman-Marcus.)

I’ll attach a few photos here, so you can see why I’m inspired by the Texas Hill Country, and hope to roll out a new novel (the 4th in the series!) set in Comfort.

At a flower farm in Blanco.
with Mary Anne at the Comfort Public Library
Can we call this supper?
Home away from home.

A lovely review.

January 12th. 2021


I’m so grateful when people who read books professionally, seem to enjoy spending time in the world I create on pages. I hope readers feel the same.

Comfort Foods Goes Touring

January 11th. 2021

Thanks to the fantastic bloggers that review books through Lone Star Literary, Comfort Foods is about to get exposed to thousands of readers and reviews will travel through the outlets where readers talk to other readers about the books they’re enjoying (or not.) This is a nervy time for an author, as one has to brace for the varied reactions. Every book I write is precious to me, but that doesn’t mean it will be to readers–and that’s the reality of storytelling.

I hope this books connects with readers, and they share the title with friends, because there’s an element of the plot that has little to do with food, but everything to do with being aware of the clues to human trafficking going on around us every day. This topic is too often overlooked, and its one that needs attention. Because my main character finds a path to journalism she’s confronted with the blowback the comes from revealing the ugliness that mars most communities–even those we think are so darling. Standing up for the lost ones takes a bravery that most of flitting around social media lack, and yet’s its good use of a vital tool.

Hope you enjoy the virtual calories of this delicious book, and also take away some long-lasting savories after the last page. Having characters linger on is the dream of most writers.

Warm fires and good books

December 4th. 2020

Thanks to a very capable service technician, I’m back in business with fiery gas logs. I know, how lazy can I be, right? But they came with the house and must be enjoyed! These wintry days, there’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting near the glowing fire and reading a good book. It’s ironic that last night when the gas logs fizzled out, I was reading a book I’d totally lost interest in. So, maybe better luck tonight.

At what point to do you give up on a story/author while reading? Is it the level of characterization, dialogue, lack of dialogue, slowness of pacing, or just confusion between bouncing around from thinly developed plot or character to another? I’m curious, because I want to avoid the pitfalls that can trip up a new author and experienced ones. It’s so easy to recognize the signs in other books, and less clear about the ones on my own pages. With the new novel, Comfort Foods, rolling out to readers I hope to hear feedback either through an emailed note or a review, that will me trouble shoot while beginning the next novel.

Cheers to you, dear readers, as you snuggle into your favorite chair or sofa this month and take a risk on a book. I hope you find unforgettable stories and characters that you’d want to linger with.