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February 5th. 2009

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In this crazy world we’re passing through, who doesn’t need a temporary escape, an “everyday vacation?” I find that even a few minutes each day doing something I absolutely love is often all I need to remain balanced in the circumstances of life.  As a wife, mother and business woman, I find respite in books. Stories and letters are my “everyday vacation.'” Whether meditating with the original Good Book, journaling in my diary, working on a novel, or reading another author, time with pages between my hands is bliss. To echo Winston Churchill (and many of you,) books are embraced like dear friends.

I’m available to speak to your favorite group on the topic of  “everyday vacations” or the art of letter writing. I’ll also publish a seasonal newsletter with tips on how to secure your “everyday vacation” whether the issues you face are related to work, family, home, or just finding pockets of bliss in an uncertain world. I’d love to hear from you and encourage you to contact me through the website.



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