Comfort Calling

July 1st. 2022

It’s my great pleasure to make at least one or two visits to the Texas Hill Country every year, and being among those creeks, rivers, scrubby trees, and of course those untamed hills, brings on volumes of story ideas. A few weeks ago, my mother and I headed out on Highway 16 to a book signing at the Boerne Bookshop and met with a book club at the Hotel Giles in Comfort. In between, I was able to deliver more books to the 8th Street Market in Comfort, and catch up with friends and family along the way.

Currently, I’m working on a Christmas novella set in Comfort, and the first book in a new trilogy (also, set in Comfort.) Wandering Comfort’s actual streets was strange because I pictured my characters and invented places among the addresses. Readers tell me that my novels have created a community they want to live in, and I, too, can’t help transposing the imagined on the real. I then snap photos of places I’ve yet to include and realize there’s a whole landscape for the new characters and plots that are brewing. I’m having fun writing this new trilogy. It will be similar and yet different from the first four contemporary novels also set in Comfort. Can’t wait to reveal it to you.

Meantime, here are some snaps from the road trip along with my big thanks to those who supported and planned the events at Boerne Bookshop and Hotel Giles. As always, spending time at the 8th Street Market feeds my soul because I end up purchasing trinkets and treasures that inspire the next good story–or at the very least, my house.

My favorite sales associate along for the ride!
The first location in Comfort, Texas, to see my novels!
The Hotel Giles (known as Comfort Commons in my books.)
What a delight to see a longtime friend and book fan in Boerne!

A video that feels like it could be part of my novel.

May 5th. 2022

In my searching around YouTube, I found a news feature regarding an entrepreneur and her chocolate business. Watching it was like watching my character, Kali Hamilton, being featured on TV. Granted, the lovely woman in the news segment has never heard of my books nor did this particular story inform my writing, but the similarities are crazy good.

The Comfort Christmas novella due out later this year tees up the story of Kali Hamilton desperate do something creative to reset herself after a miscarriage. Beyond that publication, the first book in the new series I’m writing “Comfort and Joy” expands on the premise and involves the creation of a chocolate shop. It’s not a spoiler to share this video here, because the plot of those stories swirls out beyond the chocolate shop, but still, it’s a leg of the storytelling.

Hope you enjoy this video and it whets your appetite for the second chances ready to spring from Comfort, Texas.

Comfort Zone Wins Literary Award!!

March 11th. 2022

National field of entrants, qualified judges, and a new audience to see the beautiful cover for this fourth novel in the collection of stories set in Comfort, Texas. Fingers crossed that awards like this Bronze in Romance will open doors to new readers also.

Thank you to the folks at Reader View Literary Awards and Book Awards Pro for the opportunity to enter and win! Affirmation like this means the world to me.

Literary Titan Honors Comfort Zone with GOLD!

January 2nd. 2022

Book Reviews

December 18th. 2021

I’m incredibly grateful when folks take the time to read and review my books. It’s an honor when someone will spend their precious time playing in the sandbox of my imagination. Thank you!

Comfort Christmas!

December 7th. 2021

That could be the title for my next book, but it’s also the theme of this week’s book tour to my favorite Texas Hill Country town–Comfort, Texas. The inspiration for my entire set of novels beginning with the word, Comfort, it’s also a very real place just west of Boerne, Texas on Interstate 10. I’ll be at the 8th Street Market, on well, 8th Street in Comfort, from 11a-1pm CST.

Packing all the Comfort novels, but particularly the new release, Comfort Zone, for Hill Country readers and friends who drive in from Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Austin, and San Antonio.

Also in my conversations, are the Audible version of Comfort Songs that has debuted this month. Chocked full of the narrator’s interpretation of the characters, this big story gets a big treatment. Hope you’ll download it for your next road trip!

Woo-Hoo!! Comfort Foods wins another First Place Award!!

December 1st. 2021
Couldn’t be more thrilled with this lovely endorsement for a story that is all in on competitions and winning big.

Comfort Plans Goes Audible!

November 29th. 2021

Thanks to a narrator in California, this Texas Hill Country novel gets a dash of sass and spunk to transport listeners into the heart of a story about a female architect with hard lessons to learn. An iconic German farmhouse with a hidden box of letters is just the beginning of the remodeling that will happen when the architect and the builder tangle over plans. Family drama, humor, suspense, and a sweet second chance romance make this a fun read and a delightful listen.

Order on Amazon or directly through Audible!!

Book Signing Joys

November 22nd. 2021

I’m incredibly grateful for readers, friends, complete strangers who happen to walk in to a store and don’t run when I tell them about my books. It was thrilling to see folks last week, have them indulge me about talking up the new novel, Comfort Zone, and then a keepsake memory to see them walk away with a book or three in their hands.

To be able to connect with someone who enjoyed my story is a joy indescribable. Most writers write for their own pleasure (or compulsion, one of the two.) Yet, there’s no feeling quite like leaning over a table and sharing highlights, tidbits, and insider scoop with a reader who delighted in the story. For those writers who yearn to connect with readers again, hang on. Better days are coming. For readers who like to connect with authors, thank you. You, dear ones, apply the dose of encouragement that keep writers at our desks.

Cover Reveal for Comfort Zone!!

October 19th. 2021

Today is the day I share with the world the handiwork of Holly Forbes of Forbes and Butler. She’s taken my notes about the new novel and created a dreamy cover that will hook readers who shop bookshelves. I’m so excited to reveal it here!

Does it inspire you for a cozy, autumn reading night? Here’s the blurb:

Anna Weber, an appraiser who gives value to other people’s found treasures is on assignment to research a handwritten sheet of music, After helping a stranded motorist, she discovers she’s rescued retired NFL quarterback Jack Moses. His confidence and fascination for solving problems makes him impossible for Anna to ignore even as they both dart along separate deadlines to save the finances at an inner-city school. Little does Anna know that as she wrestles with secrets from her past and a suspicious approach to people, Jack is running too. As a nemesis threatens Anna’s young daughters, these two unlikely partners discover that it’s in stepping back from years of self-sufficiency that Anna and Jack can find the best treasure of all: a series of sweet, second chances. 

In other bookish news, Comfort Foods continues to win wonderful book awards –three this summer!! I’m so honored and humbled when judges and readers choose my stories for their reading pleasure.

Please stay with me as I share the release date for this exceptional story about overcoming sorrow and fear to find the hope for better days.