A chair by the fireplace

January 14th. 2020

I’ve rediscovered how much I like Rosamund Pilcher novels this winter. But they can’t be read without some patience for scene details, backstory, and repeating conversations between characters who enter a room and need to be brought into the picture. While it was cold and raining last weekend, I wanted to move a comfy chair right next to our fireplace and savor the book, Winter Solstice, in a manner that was lifted right from her pages–minus having a dram of bitters because, well, I don’t like the taste of beer. Since her books are lovingly set in Scotland, words like “wee little one” and “my duck” or “my darling” have been creeping into my mental vocabulary. I’m sure I’ll embarrass my husband when a bit brogue leaps into my conversations.

Do you get involved in the author’s world that you find that you want to inhabit there for a while?

Those are my favorite novels–the ones that are like a mental vacation. Hope you find pleasure in reading this winter, and discover an author that invested in their imagined world.

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  1. Paula Ellis says:

    Kimberly, when I was a very young lady, just out of college and broke, I spent my lunch hours with chicken bullion and a book. One day in particular, my lunch reading was of an especially ugly acting man. When I went back to work, my first customer looked like what I imagined the character in the book looked like. Apparently I treated the customer like the character as I was reprimanded by my superior!There is nothing like getting lost in a book!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for that note, Paula. Isn’t weird and wonderful how books can worm into our minds and linger with us long after reading. I appreciate you taking time to visit here and leaving a memory. Best wishes as you settle down with a new book.

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