Writers and World Influence

August 18th. 2021

As I mourn the apparent setback for a country emerging from domination by terrorists, I’m reminded in several corners, the influence writers have to create controversy, introduce radical ideas, and offer hope. Writers in this age have used their pen to change world views—some for the better. These feel like desperate days with earthquakes, floods, pandemics, governments falling, and egos run amok, but it helps to take a few deep breaths and realize our earth has endured worse.

As a believer in Christ, and hope for an afterlife with God in heaven, I see the selfishness, arrogance, pridefulness, and violence raging today as more evidence of how dearly we need faith in our hearts. Humans can’t handle big tasks well. Since the beginning of recorded time–and let’s thank a writer for keeping the documentation going–we have stumbled at almost every juncture, ruining good and noble ideals set before us. And yet, the sun still rises, babies are born, and harvests yield nurishment.

That’s not to say there haven’t been strides in human development, civilization, medicine, arts, education, and society–there have been, and I’m grateful to live in the age where personal freedom is more widely available than ever before. But I have to ask . . . can we turn the camera lens off ourselves for a while? Quiet the talking heads. Urge writers to go where people really live, beyond the satellites signals and the advertisers’ agenda, and reconnect with humanity, nature, and faith. That’s where we find what’s worth writing about . . . that where we’ll discover the truth that is worth sharing. Maybe, that’s where peace lives.

Wedding Goodness

August 13th. 2021

Last week, my only son married a beautiful woman; full of accomplishments, talents, and a devotion to the Lord that brings me such joy. I’m not sure I could have scripted a more perfect wife for my son, but time will tell. We’re all a little giddy these days.

Weddings are different now, some things more intentional others more elaborate, but if love is at the center, then the rest is just frill. They’d chosen to marry at the Hotel Emma in San Antonio, and that destination was an architectural jewelry box. Having written novels about architects, restorations of decrepit spaces, and the stories that walls tell–I was enchanted by this location. Because of my interest in all things wedding related, I regret that I didn’t linger longer in the library, take the history tour, or explore the old brewery elements utilized as light fixtures and decor throughout. That’s what the next time is for, right?

So many good stories are hidden in the structures we create, and I’m drawn to those elements almost as much as I am by characters. We’ll see how I do with this new novel I’m writing, and hope that Comfort Zone (due out at the holidays) will have the zing of repurposing in all its many twists.

I’m attaching a photo a friend snapped of me in the library at the Hotel Emma. It’s one of those keepsake photos, and maybe it will appear on a novel’s backcover or maybe just my husband’s bedside table, but it was a thoughtful gesture.