A video chat about the history behind the novels, The Big Inch and Harmon General–with Texas Author’s Alan Bourgeois

February 16th. 2019

If you like knowing “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say, here’s a link to a video interview/chat talking the back story of the WWII Texas based projects that were so pivotal in changing the outcomes for Allied soldiers in the fight. I really need to sit on my hands. My hand gestures look like a bat dipping in and around my head. What is it with girls who can’t talk without their hands?? I hope I don’t ever have to find out–I may go mute.




Places These Books Take Me

February 7th. 2019

Because talking about books is almost a fun conversation, I am invited to speak to a variety of different groups about the books I’ve written and those that have influenced my writing. Playing in the world of words has been my happy place for a very long time, and I will stay there for as long as I can because there are always new people to meet on the playground. This month I’ve been invited to speak to a Rotary Club, A Ladies Lunch Group, a Garden Club, a Church Group, and be a part of a Valentines Sweets and Books event. That’s a lot of words about books.

Thank you to those who take a leap and invite me to be your speaker, and thanks to those who leave the events with my books in their hands. This beautiful friendship fuels me as a writer, and encourages me to go back to my desk and start again.