Jack Ryan and Lane Mercer

September 10th. 2018

I’ve begun the Amazon Prime series, Jack Ryan. I’m hooked, but admittedly, in small doses. There’s a lot of blood and gun-fire. John Krasinski has done a wonderful job on inhabiting a well-known character and making him feel fresh (the show writers get a lot of credit for that as well.) But seeing this modern CIA and all the levels and layers of command and on-the-ground resources makes me wonder what Lane Mercer, Emmie Tesco, and Theo Marks would have to say about all this gun-play and computer savviness. Those three fictional characters came to life in the early days of the Office of Strategic Services, the WWII fore-runner of today’s CIA. Like their real counterparts, they had minimal physical training, few technical resources save Morse Code, some early camera devices, and a whole lot of code definitions. What they did have to have were sharp wits, quick reflexes, a highly-trained observation method, and a memory that could pick up and recall the smallest of details. Jack Ryan isn’t much different, just with better toys. I like that the basic human instincts for loyalty, survival, moralistic high roads, and justice, are still as critical today for creating a character one can root for, as it was back in the day when those were the key recruiting tools. Hope you enjoy this new TV show like I am, and salute those very real people who serve our country through some unconventional ways.

Love Connecting with Other East Texas Authors!

September 6th. 2018

Making Pins for You!

September 6th. 2018

Friends, I’m hoping you enjoy Pinterest as much as I do. I use it as a search engine for the things I want to see visually as well as things I’m researching at any given moment–house ideas? travel spots? what to wear to work on Friday? Pinterest answers most of my questions. I’ve created Pinterest boards on my Fish Tales page to help me remember what actor has inspired a character in a book, and I pin photos that will help me remember details of what I need to write about regarding the stories I’m creating. It’s like a photo encyclopedia for me–maybe for you too, if you like peeking behind the curtain of a writer’s world. Because my novels are doing well, I’m using Pinterest to reach other readers with my customized book pins. Feel free to visit my page, look through my boards, and re-pin photos I’ve tagged, or –wouldn’t this be lovely–repin the book posts of Comfort Plans, The Big Inch, and Harmon General so your friends can see that you’ve enjoyed the novels too. Because the books are available through my website, I can easily assist Pinterest fans with finding a version of my books that suit them–pretty much, in an instant.